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Security is an important and prime element of our operations. To effectively safeguard our employees, contractors, customers, valuable properties, assets, and other confidential information of the organization we have a dedicated and competent team of employees assigned around-the-clock for close surveillance by means of CCTV cameras and periodic security patrol programmes. The security surveillance is always ready in place to ensure timely response and uninterrupted business continuity, whilst working hand in hand with the Royal Oman Police/Coastguard who control access and egress to Oman Dry Dock premises.

We are currently functioning in line with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code [ISPS] requirements to ensure the security of the vessels undergoing refit in our organization and other valuable belongings.

The access to the shipyard is controlled by Royal Oman Police (ROP) which ensures that only authorized personnel, vehicles and equipment are entering/exiting the premises of the company.

In the view of managing road traffic efficiently during our business, we have an effective Traffic Violations Procedure in place to prevent any road accidents and other traffic violations committed by the vehicle users. This procedure is established in compliance with the Oman Traffic Law of ROP.