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Department Head – Outfitting/Piping
Job Purpose

To oversee and manage all the outfitting related activities such as hull and engine room steel outfitting work and material and equipment control for outfitting work in ship repair projects within ODC in order to ensure these activities are as per established timelines, cost and budget, quality, health and safety of employees and according to client specifications.

Report to

GM - Production

Key Accountabilities

Manage the effective cascading of the Outfitting departmental strategy into business plans to ensure vertical alignment and horizontal integration with other interfacing departmental strategies.
Track the performance of the department through reviewing relevant reports in order to ensure the performance is as per annual target plan and report actions.


Manage the Outfitting department staff by overseeing their performance management, recruitment, training and development to ensure high level of engagement and motivated work environment.

Budgets and Plans:

Oversee the consolidation, recommend the Outfitting departmental budget and monitor financial performance versus the budget so that the business is aware of anticipated costs/ revenues, areas of unsatisfactory performance are identified and potential areas of cost reduction or performance improvement opportunities are capitalised upon.

Cost Management:

Review the expenditure and cost utilisation in the Outfitting department in order to ensure the cost does not exceed the established budget for the department.

Outfitting Schedules:

Oversee and review the scheduling and planning charts and documents, and provide necessary guidance on resolution of complex issues in order to ensure all outfitting job are delivered with high quality and issues are resolved on time.

Material and Equipment Control:

Oversee and review the material and equipment requirements in the Outfitting department prepared by the Outfitting Engineers’ in order to ensure the outfitting work is carried out efficiently and without any delays and approve the requirements and send it to the Production Control department.

Resources Control:

Oversee the manpower allocation plan of all section’s in the Outfitting department in order to ensure that the resources are properly manned on the projects and are using the latest tools and equipments for maintenance and operation activities in ODC.

Risk Management:

Identify risk management issues related to the Outfitting department and formulate the solution in collaboration with the Outfitting Assistant Manager in order to mitigate risks for the department.

Quality Control:

Ensure adherence to and maintenance of the quality of outfitting work in ODC facilities in order to ensure readiness for quality control inspections and to ensure zero defects in the department.
Set the Quality Management System (QMS) targets and oversee the follow-up carried out by the Outfitting Assistant Manager in order to ensure achievement of those targets or adjustments as required while ensuring ISO compliance.

Progress Updates and Documentation:

Review all progress updates and issues through the reports prepared by the Outfitting team using the agreed format so that critical events and potential delays are timely and accurately resolved, thus minimising impact on overall schedules.
Ensure that all departmental reports are prepared in a timely and accurate manner to meet ODC policies and standards, and department requirements.

Issue Resolution:

Collate all issues/ problems which are escalated by the Outfitting Assistant Manager and identify resolutions for them in collaboration with the Production Director.


Collaborate with internal stakeholders such as SRM, Production Control, QA/ QC, HSSE and external stakeholders such as ship owners, subcontractors and suppliers as and when required on matters related to outfitting work or customer requirements of ship repair projects in ODC in order to facilitate free flow of information.

Change Management:

Manage and oversee change through continuous improvement of departmental systems, processes and practices taking into account international leading practices, changes in international standards and in the business environment, and recommend actions.

Policies, Systems, Processes & Procedures:

Develop and oversee the implementation of departmental policies, procedures and controls covering all areas of department activity so that all relevant procedural/ legislative requirements and standards are fulfilled while delivering a quality, cost-effective product/ service in a consistent manner.

Quality, Health, Safety, & Environment:

Ensure compliance to all relevant quality, health, safety and environmental management policies, procedures and controls across the department to guarantee employee safety, delivery of high quality products/ service and a responsible environmental attitude.

Communications & Working Relationships

Production Division
HSSE Division


Ship Owners

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.

Minimum Experience

12 years of relevant experience in outfitting jobs or design workshops or similar work in repair ship yard or new shipbuilding, including at least 5 years in positions of managerial or supervisory responsibilities.

Job-Specific Knowledge & Skills

Awareness of the importance of robust business processes / systems, and a commitment to quality.
Exposure to quality management systems.
Communication and interpersonal skills.
Leadership skills.
Analytical thinking skills.
Project Management skills.
Problem Solving skills.

Closing Date: 29-04-2018

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