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Clients Testimonials

April 21, 2012 , Appreciate support on Port Louis .


As you know that Port Louis was stopped by fishing net and rope at anchorage 30 miles far from ODC after she depart from your good shipyard on 14 Apr. 2012.

Mr. Park take action immediately, the meet involved related department was conducted, after consult with concerned party we regret to know that the tug boat was unable to towing ship back to shipyard due to insurance limit, so we intend to send motor of Boiler F.D Fan on board enable resume boiler function, thereafter we can heat ME fuel oil and maneuver ship back to shipyard by her propulsion.

we are glad to see that fishing boat was arrange for transportation of material and worker in such situation (limitation of tug boat).

unfortunately the boiler was not able to resume function because of problem of motor cable installation. now we are facing the another issue electric power on board will be stopped within 2 days due to lack of bunker on board at that moment, shipyard arranged bunker by means of a special measure. black out of ship was avoided after ship received bunker, at same time, Mr. Park have contacted with a ocean towing tug, the tug agree to towing our vessel if we need.

Finally our vessel was safely maneuver to ODC anchorage by her own propulsion.

during these event, we much appreciate support from ODC and person involved, especially from Mr. Park.

Hereby, on behalf of ship owner sincerely express our appreciation, expect the co-operation in the future.

Thanks and best regards

Chen Gang
Port Engineer as owners representative
Asterion Tanker Navigation

December 1, 2011 , Appreciate extreme effort and performance on M.V “Princess VII”, a car carrier.


First, We, Kobe Shipmanagement Co, appreciate your extreme effort and good performance to repair our vessel M.V “Princess VII”, a car carrier, in your esteemed yard.

Especially the yard showed much endeavors to keep working period with more than 50 workers all through the week regardless of holidays.

And also yard showed good practice and cooperation with owner; through checking on repair area and reconfirming the repair job whether it is going well. Furthermore they made it as routine process.

And more remarkable point is that your yard has excellent facilities such as shop machinery and enough jib cranes and we believe that Oman Drydock Company will grow up very fast to prosperous shipyard.

Best regards,

Kobe SMC
Arakawa san, the superintendent of Princess IVV