Oman Drydock Company "ODC" and Oman Shipping Company Successful local partnership

Oman Drydock Company "ODC" has recently been successful in its repair of a world giant Iron Ore Carrier “Liwa Max” and “Sohar Max” a property of Oman Shipping Company S.A.O.C. the matter that strengthens a real and viable partnership between ODC and the government owned companies in the field of rendering repair and maintenance services and technical and logistic support to the giant vessels and fast ferries. This cooperation comes as a step taken by two companies affiliated to ASYAD Group (Former, “Oman Global Logistic Group”) which endeavors for a achieving a global vision by means of the integration between both companies.

Eng. Abdul Rahman Al Hatmi; the CEO of ASYAD group noted that this partnership is one of the upshots of the logistics sector companies being under the same umbrella and as one of the group’s principle for development for the group as represented in the optimal utilization of the available assets and resources to boost the economic and financial returns on the government investments. Moreover, Mr. Al Hatmi has highly praised the cooperation reached between Oman Drydock Company and Oman Shipping Company as the same has its positive reflections and impacts on both companies and will ultimately send an important message to the Logistic Sector about the powers and capacities of both companies, their competitive privileges and ambitions for future growth and hence, establish ASYAD’s future concept towards a global approach.

In order to accomplish the group’s goals, ASYAD appointed Mr. Stephan Aumann from Hamburg/Germany as the new CEO for the Oman Drydock Company. The 50-year-old German brings 20 years of senior management experience with overall P&L responsibility within the international maritime industry, especially in the ship repair and conversion as well as the oil and gas business. Mr. Aumann is a holder of the Bachelor degree in Marine Engineering and Master degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel, Germany.

Mr. Aumann is expected to effectively capitalize on the vast experience he maintains in this field to develop the Oman Drydock Company to be one of the leading ship repair companies on the national, regional and international levels. Mr. Aumann is convinced that the professional level of cooperation with Oman Shipping Company is deemed as one of the successful sustainable business relations for Oman Drydock Company.

Winning the confidence of our highly valued clients such as Oman Shipping Company in the company’s ability for magnetizing many giant vessels on both regional and international levels is one of the most important factors in accordance with Mr. Aumann. ODC is proud serving Oman Shipping Company since it has an impressing fleet comprising of 51 vessels while persisting in rendering a sustainable repair and maintenance service for this big company which helps both of the companies win an international reputation in the global logistics market in this regard.

The first cooperation between both companies was marked by the reception of the giant LNG Carrier Muscat in October 2011 and since that time, ODC could receive many vessels and tankers such as "Manah", "Saham", "Merbat", "Al Amerat" and "Samail". Mr. Aumann added that they have received one of the largest Iron Ore Carrier “Sohar Max” which is the largest vessels to be received by ODC since its inauguration and this cooperation sustained by means of receiving ships having the same size such as “Liwa Max” and Shinas for an overhauling and other repair works and he further stated that this step comes as a result of the efforts exerted by both Oman Drydock Company and the local companies with the focus to capitalize on this national business relationship.